Discover Azalaï Desert Camp

At half past one 4x4 from Mahmid, south of the Draa Valley, Erg Chigaga is one of those sites that every traveler dreams to discover, but perhaps with the apprehension of insecurity and discomfort after a while founding myth of the Sahara.
While respecting this imagination that makes the desert a breaking place as well as delight the AzalaïDesert Lodge camp takes on the challenge of quiet luxury providing all the amenities for comfort and service.
In this end of the world, it is only four tents canopies, but prestigious, that exclusively lodge the lovers of large sand dunes and travelers wishing to experience the irreducible strangeness of the Sahara.

20m2 each, they have everything you could want: mosquito nets, Simmons bedding and a real bathroom not only functional bathroom but full of charm. Placed on a grating, behind a veil of linen insulation of the room, as in the novels of the last century, it features the rarity of old sink of Fez, embedded in a marble top capping a stylish furniture wood.
There are also rooms, all decorated with care and taste of the painter decorator Régis DELENE-Bartholdi in a register "out of fashion and time." White canvas tents are all lined in linen, soft and bright.
The white wrought iron beds have romantic canopied dressed nets. Furniture, while offering luxury and comfort, giving the soul of things of the past: alongside retapissés club chairs with linen, suede-covered sofas and chairs explorers that can, at its option, placed inside or outside of the tent on palm mats or thick wool rugs, there are chests and trunks of wood and leather closet space, a bush hat and binoculars useful for strolls and even a typewriter which, though of another age, remember that many Saharan adventurers were also writers.
A fifth tent, more spacious, wherefamilies, couples or friends finally can enjoy good days :a corner to eat a coarse but not fine dining, and a library lounge corner where to give up the pleasure of a game or a travelogue.